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Carpian Consultants Inc. was founded in Montreal in 1989 as a multi-disciplinary engineering company. It was created to respond to the evolving market demanding responsive, efficient, and cost conscious consultants to participate in the construction of new commercial facilities and the expansion or modernization of existing ones.

Carpian’s reputation acquired through experience is one of competence, diligence, efficiency, and service. In addition to Carpian’s core team of engineers and technicians, they do not hesitate to seek outside resources from their network to satisfy the specific needs of a particular project. Carpian initially serviced eastern Canada, yet as a result of the multi-national team, it has naturally evolved to include projects and regional offices overseas.

Today, Carpian offers a wide range of services in all sectors, including industrial, hospitality and housing in addition to commercial.

Cost considerations

Energy efficiency

Ease of construction & logistics

Maintenance considerations

Current technology

Environmental considerations

Our expertise


Carpian offers its clients a comprehensive range of services that may be required in order to successfully complete all phases of a project:

Carpian's participation often begins in the project definition and budget estimation phases, long before the design and construction period.


Carpian provides to its clients, all traditional engineering disciplines for construction projects, in addition to unique services to satisfy the needs of their clients and projects, such as:


Although total quality control is a recent concept, Carpian’s team has practiced this approach for quite some time. Each member of the Carpian team executes their work in accordance with the clients’ objectives. In order to achieve this, quality assurance parameters are put into effect, thus ensuring total quality control.

In order to implement Carpian’s vision of total quality service, Carpian has incorporated the following steps into their daily activities:

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In addition to projects executed across Canada, Carpian has worked on projects in many other countries, including: United Arab Emirates, England, Jamaica, USA, Algeria, Italy, Russia, Spain, South Korea, Indonesia and Vietnam. For any questions, estimates, analyzes, suggestions or remarks, do not hesitate to contact us.