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Lofts Notre Dame

Montréal, Qc | 1999

16-unit, four-storey condominiums/commercial building, constructed within a historic building, as well as commercial locals on the ground floor. ($2,000,000)

  • Princess 5

    St-Laurent, Qc | 2000

    64-unit, eight-storey condominiums, with underground parking. ($7,000,000)

  • Princess 6

    St-Laurent, Qc | 2001

    64-unit, eight-storey condominiums, with underground parking. ($7,300,000)

  • Princess 7

    St-Laurent, Qc | 2002

    64-unit, eight-storey condominiums, with underground parking. ($7,500,000)

    1400 Overdale

    Montréal, Qc | 2000

    6-unit, four storey condominiums with underground parking. ($1,000,000)

    Notre Dame Phase IV

    Victoriaville, Qc | 2001

    50-unit, four-storey retirement home, with underground parking. ($3,000,000)

    Residence Manoir

    St-Jérôme, Qc | 2002

    114-unit, four-storey retirement home, with underground parking. ($5,600,000)

    Residence Hermitage

    Drummonville, Qc | 2002

    54-unit, five-storey retirement home, with underground parking. ($3,300,000)

    Carrefour 40

    St-Leonard, Qc | 1990

    Multi-tenant shopping center. ($1,000,000)

  • Bowling 440

    Laval, Qc | 1992

    New entertainment facilities including twenty bowling lanes. ($1,500,000)

    Cité Nissan

    Montréal, Qc | 1995

    Expansion and renovation of an existing auto dealership. ($1,800,000)

    Shopping Center

    Pierrefonds, Qc | 1998

    New 20,000 sq. ft, multi-tenant strip shopping center. ($1,300,000)

    West Island Tennis Club

    Beaconsfield, Qc | 1996-2001

    Various expansions and renovations, including squash courts, weight training, cardio, spinning & aerobics facilities, new dining hall, kitchen and expansion of existing physiotherapy clinic

  • Guzzo Cinemas

    Longueuil, Qc | 2000

    New cinema complex with 16 theaters and entertainment center.

  • Guzzo Cinemas

    Terrebonne, Qc | 2001

    Addition of 8 new theaters and an entertainment center to existing facilities.

  • Guzzo Cinemas

    St-Léonard, Qc | 2002

    Addition of 8 new theaters as well as an entertainment center to existing facilities.

    Vieux Duluth Restaurant

    Laval, Qc | 2001

    New restaurant.

    Soccerplex Catalogna

    Lachine, Qc | 2001

    New sports complex including interior and exterior soccer fields, training, conference & club rooms, physiotherapy clinic, store, dining facilities, exercise rooms and administrative offices. ($4,500,000)

    Soto Restaurants

    Montréal, Qc | 2001-2002

    Restaurant on Sherbrooke west street, Central Station, Eaton Center and Centropolis Laval.


    St-Bruno, Qc | 1991

    The first Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the South Shore region. ($2,500,000)

    Ahunstic Cultural Center

    Montréal, Qc | 1996

    City of Montreal cultural center, including, theater, music rooms, library, youth center, art exhibition halls, youth employment and municipal offices. ($5,500,000)

    Police Station No. 26

    Montréal, Qc | 1998

    Police station, including interview rooms, holding areas, administrative offices and officers’ quarters. ($350,000)

    Maimonides School

    Côte-St-Luc, Qc | 1998

    Elementary school expansion ( 20,000 sq. ft. on two floors) including new cafeteria, classrooms, teachers’ lounge and administrative offices. ($1,200,000)


    Lasalle, Qc | 1999

    Walk-in clinic, including out-patient ward, examination rooms, consultation rooms, laboratories, blood storage, archives and administrative offices. ($2,500,000)

    “Amour Pour Israël” Synagogue

    Outremont, Qc | 1999

    Jewish religious center (40,000 sq. ft.), including meeting rooms, kitchen facilities, dining rooms, classrooms, offices and living quarters. ($4,500,000)

    Corrections Canada

    Montréal, Qc | 1999

    Administrative offices for Corrections Canada. ($1,500,000)

    Centre Pédagogique L.Guilbault

    Montréal, Qc | 1999

    Elementary school extension. ($700,000)

    Employment Quebec

    Montréal, Qc | 2000

    Administrative offices for employment offices (CLE). ($700,000)


    Dorval, Qc | 1997

    120,000 square feet of paper storage and distribution facilities. ($3,000,000)

    Midland Transport

    Dorval, Qc | 1999

    70,000 square feet truck terminal and administrative offices. ($3,000,000)

    Belbois Techcraft

    Laval, Qc | 2002

    200,000 square feet furniture warehousing and shipping facilities. ($7,000,000)


    Pierrefonds, Qc | 2002

    140,000 square feet storage and distribution building. ($5,500,000)

    Centre de Transport International

    Dorval, Qc | 2002

    60,000 square feet warehousing facilities and administrative offices. ($2,400,000)


    Terrebonne, Qc | 2002

    70,000 square feet storage facilities. ($3,500,000)

    Molson Breweries

    Montréal, Qc | 2002

    220,000 square feet warehousing and distribution center, including an interior truck terminal. ($15,000,000)

    Kempac - Technilab

    St-Janvier, Qc | 1988-1991

    Pharmaceutical plant. 100,000 sq. ft. of new manufacturing & warehousing facilities and administrative offices ($12,000,000)

    Merck-Frosst Canada Inc.

    Kirkland, Qc | 1990

    Research and production complex. Environmental studies and treatment.

    W.R. Grace & Company

    Valleyfield, Qc | 1991

    Catalyst plant. Structural design of supports and housing for lamellas nos. 1 & 2. Design of catwalks and overpasses for the polishing filter building.

    Expro Limited

    Valleyfield, Qc | 1991

    Explosives plant. Renovation & modernization of the Valleyfield plant, new warehouse, conveyor gallery and train loading facilities.

    International Paint

    Baie D’Urfé, Qc | 1992

    Paint plant. Addition of four reactors to existing plant. Expansion of existing storage tank farm.

    Delmar Chemicals

    Lasalle, Qc | 1995/1998

    1995 : New offices, installation and tie-ins for a dryer, compressor, loading/unloading equipment, machinery bases, service mezzanines and structural modifications to the existing building.
    1998 : New blending tank, tank farm expansion

    Borden Chemical

    Laval, Qc | 1997-98/2002

    1997-1998 : New phenolic resin plant. Manufacturing facilities, incl. storage and loading facilities for phenolic resin and wax emulsion processes. ($5,000,000)
    2002 : New offices and laboratories.

    Van Waters & Rogers

    Valleyfield, Qc | 1994-95/1997-98

    Div. Royal Pakhoed Corp.
    1994-1995 : Solvent plant. New warehouse and chemical handling facilities (60 000 sq. ft.) & new office building. ($3,500,000)
    1997-1998 : Corrosives plant. New corrosives storage, blending, handling, packaging and storage facilities (21 000 sq. ft.), including a tank farm. ($3,000,000)

    Nova Chemicals Limited

    Pointe-aux-Trembles, Qc | 1992

    Polystyrene plant. Plant renovation & modernization, new additives facilities (including: building, reactors, pumps, metering equipment, etc.), tank farms, pipe racks, machinery supports, site drainage system and secondary containment structures, site decontamination, material handling facilities and structural repairs to the main plant building ($8,000,000)

    Montréal Pipeline

    Montréal, Qc | 1994

    Pumping stations.

    Coastal Canada

    Montréal, Qc | 1994E

    Paraxylene plant. Foundations for various buildings, tank farms, machinery and pipe racks.

    Emco Ltd./BPCO

    Lasalle, Qc | 1996

    New asphalt emulsion plant. Complete engineering and project/construction management. Project included raw material and finished product tank farms, emulsifiers, transfer equipment, electrical sub-station and services. ($4,000,000)

    Shell Canada

    Montréal, Qc | 1996

    Oil refinery. Service buildings and off-site facilities.

    Petro Canada

    Montréal, Qc | 1998

    Oil refinery. Machinery supports and pipe rack.

    NEVA Frozen Dough plant

    St-Petersburg, Russia | 1990

    Renovation, modernization and expansion of the plant (US$7,000,000)

    Ogilvie Mills / ADM

    Montréal, Qc | 1991

    Flour packaging and handling. Expansion and renovation of the railroad network for the Port of Montreal ($1,500,000)

    Saputo Cheese Limited

    Qc | 1993-1997

    Maskinongé : New sewer system and waste water network, effluent treatment facilities, reduction at source of effluents and minor plant expansions;
    Marieville : New treatment and wastewater system.
    Richmond : Primary and secondary wastewater treatment, including equalization basins, aeration basins, BOD & pH control; milk storage and pasteurizing facilities.
    St-Leonard : New process cheese plant, numerous minor expansions, effluent treatment facilities, pumping stations and general plant maintenace projects.
    St-Hyacinthe : Plant expansion: building extension, service mezzanines, silos, access alcoves and tie-in to existing facilities.

    Nora Beverages

    Mirabel, Qc | 1997

    Mineral water bottling plant measuring 50,000 sq. feet ($2,000,000).

    SAC 2000

    Laval, Qc | 2001-2002

    Meat and food processing plant (70,000 sq. ft.). New facilities included processing area, blast freezer, 25,000 sq. ft of refrigerated warehouse, shipping facilities, off

    Canadian Electrolytic Zinc

    Valleyfield, Qc | 1990-95

    Division of Noranda Mines
    Hydro metallurgy : Building renovation and replacement of corroded structure.
    Acid plant : Pumping stations, foot-bridges for accumulation reservoirs and addition of service and production mezzanines to the existing building.
    General site : New three-storey administration, engineering and laboratories (for quality control and research) building.
    Magnola : Pumping stations and modifications to the existing effluent lines for new magnesium processing pilot plant.

    Ball Packaging

    Baie-d’Urfé, Qc | 1992-95

    Aluminum can manufacturing. Plant expansion (warehouse & production lines). Addition of conveyor galleries & machinery supports and miscellaneous structures. ($1,500,000)

    Canadian Copper Refineries

    Montréal, Qc | 1993

    Division of Noranda Mines
    Renovation of the Copper Metallurgy plant. Train unloading station. Secondary containment structure for chemical product reservoirs.

    Reynolds Metal Company

    Bécancour, Qc | 1993

    Aluminum cable manufacturing. New warehouse & shipping offices, new machinery enclosure within existing warehouse, and general renovation.

    BICC Philips

    Baie St-Paul, Qc | 1995

    Aluminum cable manufacturing. Preliminary engineering for new production line.


    Contrecoeur, Qc | 1997

    Steel Mill. Preliminary engineering for an additional plate production line, wastewater holding basins, tank farm, finished product handling and shipping facilities, including new rail spurs and train loading facilities.


    Contrecoeur, Qc | 1997

    Bar Mill. Phase 1 engineering for an additional steel reinforcing bar production line, wastewater-holding basins, tank farm, finished product handling and shipping facilities.


    Montreal, Qc | 1997

    Galvanizing plant. Fume capturing and treatment.

    Stratmin Graphite Inc.

    Terrebonne, Qc | 2002

    New graphite purification facilities, including a 55,000 sq. ft building. ($4,000,000)

    Centre des Maçons de Québec

    Terrebonne, Qc | 1990

    Concrete block plant. New plant for production of architectural blocks, including storage bins, cement silos, automated batching plant and kilns. ($7,500,000)

    Ciment St-Laurent

    Qc | 1990-99

    LaSalle : 150 ton silos and secondary structure
    Valleyfield : 8 x 150 ton silos, material handling equipment and truck access ramps
    Laval : Sand and gravel silos including foundation and gallery conveyors.
    St-Jovite : Cement and aggregate silos, foundation and access.
    St-Jacques : Facilities for new crushers, silos, scales, conveyors and control rooms.

    Caribbean Building Systems

    Kingston, Jamaica | 1993

    Feasibility studies of pre-stressed concrete production plant.

    BMH Systems

    Boucherville, Qc | 1996-2002

    Grand Rapids, MI. : 4 x 150 ton cement silos, aggregate bins, loading and transfer equipment.
    Bell Allard : 75 ton silo with housing and auxiliary structures.
    Libya : Cement silos for concrete batch plant.
    Laval, Qué. : Cement and fly ash storage and transfer facilities for waste treatment plant.
    Vancouver, B.C : Storage and handling facilities of cement powder and additives for a grout manufacturing plant, with a total storage capacity of 1,170 tons. ($3,000,000)

    Kone Wood Inc.

    Kentucky, USA | 1991

    Installation of Westvaco shavings, conveyor support system and truss system for the control tower of the Kentucky plant.

    EMCO Ltd. / BPCO Inc.

    LaSalle, Qc | 1993-2002

    1993-1994 : Roofing Mill : Expansion and modernization of RF1 roofing machine: aggregate conveyor system and 6 x 600 ton aggregate silos, building expansion, new looper, new saturator and loading facilities (trucks & trains). ($2,500,000)
    1994 : Roofing Mill: Fume collection and treatment system. New ventilation system
    1994 : Roofing Mill : Extension to building for new palletizer (RF2 roofing machine).
    1995 : Roofing Mill : Finishing and packaging building and offices. ($2,000,000)
    1996 : Paper Mill : Addition of a third mechanical pulper ($250,000)
    1997 : Roofing Mill: Expansion and modernization of the packaging department ($2,000,000)
    2002 : Roofing Mill: Expansion and modification of existing production line to produce laminated roofing shingles ($3,000,000)

    Domtar Pulp & Paper Inc.

    Qc | 1993-96

    1993 : Beauharnois,Qué : Warehouse expansion, service platforms and machinery supports (design and construction supervision).
    1995 : Windsor, Qué : New 80,000 sq. ft. paper finishing, cutting and packaging, building. ($4,000,000)Structural analysis of the recovery boiler and electrostatic precipitator buildings.
    1996 : Lachine, Qué : Modifications to existing warehousing and shipping facilities.

    Leabrooke Inc.

    Pointe-Claire, Qc | 1990

    Plastic molding. Modernization of the warehouse.

    National Silicates Limited

    Valleyfield, Qc | 1991

    Glass manufacturing. New warehouse and material handling facilities.

    Canfab Inc.

    Montréal, Qc | 1992

    Cardboard container manufacturing. New production, warehousing, shipping facilities totaling 36,000 sq. feet ($1,500,000).

    Allied Signal Aerospatiale

    St-Laurent, Qc | 1996

    Jet engine testing facilities. New test cells and service facilities added to the existing plant. ($2,000,000)

    Montreal International Airport

    Dorval, Qc | 1996-1997

    Various projects for the addition of the new international terminal.

    National Metal Finishing


    Aircraft wing panel manufacturing
    1996 : Mirabel, Qué. : Aircraft part manufacturing. Plant expansions and modernization, including new machinery, finishing, shot-peening, assembly and storage facilities. ($6,000,000)
    1999 : Wichita, KS. : New facilities, including, forming, shot-peening, anodizing, finishing and assembly departments. (US$ 4,000,000)
    2001 : Zaragoza, Spain : New facilities, including, forming, shot-peening, anodizing, finishing and assembly departments. (EUR 5,000,000)